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Fuck The Vote

Screwing Bush this November

Fuck the Vote
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Fuck The Vote uses the power of liberal sex to sway conservative votes in the November presidential election. Fuck The Vote has a simple strategy, to use sex to fuck over George W. Bush and the conservative agenda – literally. FTV is based on two straightforward facts, liberals are hot awesome lays, and conservatives are desperate, sexually repressed, and willing to trade their vote for a good fuck. FtheVote.com provides resources for liberals to use in locating, seducing, and (contractually) binding conservatives to vote for anyone other than George W Bush in the November election.

The sites creators, a group known as Carbon Defense League (www.carbondefense.org), are the same ones that came under an attack led by super retailer Wal-Mart for a website Re-Code.com (www.re-code.com) that allowed users to search a publicly created and manageable database online for products based on store or price and generate and print barcodes to be placed over products existing codes in stores to receive a different price. The site was shut down voluntarily due to mounting legal pressure.