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First Post!

I'm Jody, moderatoer of the offical Fuck the Vote community. The pupose of Fuck the Vote is to defeat Bush by sexing up those repressed conservatives who will in turn vote for Kerry in a swing state. In a non-swing state, such as Montana where I live, you may further either the Kerry agenda OR even Nader, especially in Nader strongholds such as Missoula.

But if you're in a swing state, which includes Florida, New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Those of you in Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana better nab EVEN more vulnerable young Republicans 18+ since your states could possibily take a turn for the liberal. It's up to you!

If you live in the democratic strongholds of California, Washington, New York, Maryland, Deleware, Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island or Vermont, well, road trip to swing states before the summer ends and press the flesh for us.

We're planning a road trip, more details later.
Use this commmunity to meet, plan, and find others to sex, discuss with, and anything else that will help Bush go down on November 4th.
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